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BARDAHL Full Metal

BARDAHL Full Metal

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Bardahl Full Metal; the most advanced oil additive available. A 3 layer protection for the engine:
1. protection achieved by BARDAHL oil lubrication.
2. protection due to the Polar Attraction Formula.
3. protection level achieved by means of the Fullerene molecules.

A state-of-the-art advanced oil additive, developed to answer the technological evolution of new engines and bring a solution to the latest mechanical requirements. Higher degrees of wear are becoming evident on mechanical parts due to increased friction, improved engine performance, greater torque and efficiency, and elevated operating temperatures. This together with longer drain intervals and the reduced capacity of oil in the crankcase, creates a demand for preventive (new cars) and curative (car with more than 40,000 km) anti wear protection.

• Made of polar organo-metallic molecules, FULL METAL seals the microleaks caused by wear and restores the tightness of pistons in the cylinders.
• The Bardahl C60 FULLERENE protective POLAR+ film ensures immediate lubrication and therefore protects the engine when starting from cold.
• Concentrate contains carbon molecules which are 10 times more dense and 6 times lighter than steel. They act as microballs between mechanical parts, avoiding friction and reducing wear in the engine.
• This exclusive formula does not contain solid particles and will not not clog the engine (EGS, particle filter, plugs, valves, …) or the oil filters.
• FULL METAL can be used from 1st oil change. And thanks to its 7 anti wear actions, ensures a longer lifespan of your engine and maintains its original performance.
• Miscible in all types of oil and all types of diesel, fuel or GPL, old or modern, 4 stroke engines.
• Compatible with catalytic converters and particle filters.