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Rims for Toyota FJ, Ford Bronco -ICON REBOUND PRO -BRONZE
Rims for Toyota FJ, Ford Bronco -ICON REBOUND PRO -BRONZE
Rims for Toyota FJ, Ford Bronco -ICON REBOUND PRO -BRONZE

Rims for Toyota FJ, Ford Bronco -ICON REBOUND PRO -BRONZE

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The ICON Alloys Rebound PRO with patented INNERLOCK TECHNOLOGY offers the best of both worlds by using a robust bead retention system to keep the tire bead secured to the wheel while also being fully DOT compliant. This provides confidence in knowing that your wheels are prepared to tackle whatever situation you encounter - on or off the beaten path. Inner Lock is ready for any type of terrain and every single adventure.


  • Engineered for DOT compliance Patented Inner-Lock technology (U.S. Patent No. 11,090,976) provides the ultimate blend of on-road safety and off-road performance, ideal for the “weekend warrior”
  • Bead retention system features alloy pins that are removable, reusable, and replaceable
  • Hardened bead retention pins utilize a SAE J1926 O-ring seal and are constructed from high strength alloy that is thermochemically treated for extreme corrosion resistance
  • Quick, easy, and safe tire installation and removal
  • Strategically placed hardware for maximum protection from trail damage
  • Compatible with a wide variety of tires without the need for any shims or special tools
  • Application-specific dimensions optimize vehicle dynamics and tire clearance
  • Reduced unsprung weight and rotating mass (compared to a traditional bead lock) improves handling characteristics and vehicle dynamics
  • Aluminum alloy construction provides strength properties that are well suited for off-road use
  • Super strong 3200 lbs load rating

Manufacturer Code: 21817858347BR

Size: 17x8.50
Weight: 14.5 KG
Bolt Pattern: 6X5.5
Offset: 0MM
Backspacing: 4.750"
Bore: 106.10mm
Color  Bronze


Price per piece
5 Rims per set

Note: Rims Sold Per Set, Not Individually