Hurricane Performance Racing Series 2.5 Double Adjustable Shocks For Land Cruiser LC200
Hurricane Performance Racing Series 2.5 Double Adjustable Shocks For Land Cruiser LC200
Hurricane Performance Racing Series 2.5 Double Adjustable Shocks For Land Cruiser LC200

Hurricane Performance Racing Series 2.5 Double Adjustable Shocks For Land Cruiser LC200

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Strengthen and control your vehicle's capabilities with a larger-than-standard Racing Series shock designed for it. The increased aluminum body distributes heat evenly, and higher oil volume grants maximum control through its professionally intended high-flow pistons. Wheel travel is also improved.

Our 7/8" chromed shock shaft, paired with a heavy-duty backup seal pack, can stand up to even the roughest and most extreme off-road environments, ensuring a lifetime of reliable performance.


  • Provide superior off-road performance.
  • Improved handling and comfort for casual driving
  • Better traction
  • Provides leveling capabilities for better weight distribution.
  • Increased protection against bottoming-out


  • Our double adjustable shocks are engineered to deliver optimized spring setups for any application.
  • Enhanced dampening of vibration results in significantly diminished noise levels within the vehicle interior (very little squeak and rattle).
  • Damping characteristics are expertly crafted to deliver optimal performance for each truck model and setup, resulting in a smoother ride.
  • Increased comfort in both on road and off-road conditions, especially over washboard and square-edge impacts
  • Experience enhanced stability and superior predictability when driving with these Shocks.
  • Reduced front-end diving when cornering or braking.
  • Reduced rear-end bucking and lifting.
  • Increased damping and spring rate for better handling when towing or loading truck.


  • Massive 2.5 in. (56mm) hard-anodized aluminum body for cooler operation
  • Big bore design with less restricted oil flow for increased responsiveness and less fading
  • Internal hydraulic valving optimized for each vehicle platform
  • Built from CNC-machined and forged aluminum parts, aluminum bodies and premium-quality internal components.
  • External remote reservoir with low-friction floating piston providing additional cooling
  • Heavy-duty  (22mm) induction-hardened shaft
  • Triple sealing system with dust wiper, high-pressure step-seal and premium quality o-ring
  • Direct, bolt-on replacement that uses stock shocks location.
  • Proprietary ultra-low friction, light viscosity semi-synthetic oil blend, ultra-resistant to high operating temperature
  • Coil over models use Hurricane durable high-tensile alloy springs 
  • Fully rebuildable using affordable replacements parts and springs, multiple replacement valving shim stacks available.

The 2.5 RESERVOIR model features an external reservoir with increased oil volume for cooler operating temperature, providing better performance and consistency. These shocks are a good performance upgrade over OEM shocks.

Ride height is preset from our factory at approximately 2.5 in. of lift at the front for most setups, actual ride height may vary depending on wheels dimensions and lift kit or upper control arms used.

  • TECH NOTE: These coil-over’s are meant to be installed with an aftermarket Uniball upper control arm kit to ensure the proper amount of wheel travel and to prevent premature ball joint wear. Recommended tire size 285/75R16, wheel 16X8 with 5" back spacing.

Our goal is to provide very durable, high quality lift kits and shocks to meet all requirements of driving both on and off roads. All hurricane lift kits and shocks have been tested by a professional team to ensure we meet our customer's needs.

 1 Year Manufacture Warranty (Condition Apply)