Hurricane Performance Offroad Air Filter (C0105251) - 4.5 inch BD,10 inch H
Hurricane Performance Offroad Air Filter (C0105251) - 4.5 inch BD,10 inch H
Hurricane Performance Offroad Air Filter (C0105251) - 4.5 inch BD,10 inch H

Hurricane Performance Offroad Air Filter (C0105251) - 4.5 inch BD,10 inch H

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Hurricane Performance Offroad offers replacement, reusable air filters that eliminate engine-damaging dust and dirt. The factory cellulose (paper) filter offers a fractional efficiency of approximately 30% on very fine dust. These air filters raise the fractional efficiency by almost three times over the stock filter, keeping your engines clean in the most

Hurricane Performance Offroad air filters offer unmatched engine protection and easy maintenance in a long-life, oil-free, high-performance air filter. Hurricane Performance Offroad's tough, synthetic fiber structure stops and holds dust to 3 microns! These filters rely on advanced military media technology and are designed for severe-duty use. They're incredibly easy to maintain, too! This specially designed filter media allows you to remove dust using compressed air from inside-out or vacuum the exterior. In less than a minute, your Hurricane Performance Offroad Filter performance is fully restored! While not often necessary, Hurricane Performance Offroad filters are also cleanable for long-term performance and value.

Replacement Part for AFE Flow Pro Dry S Air Filter - (21-91127)


  • Clamp on the mounting for the positive seal. Ends leaking or dust ingress around the seal.
  • 47% Increase in dust holding over the OEM filter; maximum power and extended service intervals; 99.992 efficiency unmatched on ISO-fine dust. - It keeps the finest dust and silt out of your engine!
  • Washable and Reusable: A super-tough, synthetic hybrid fiber structure specifically designed for a simple maintenance routine using compressed air or vacuum. Washing is normally not necessary in order to restore filter performance. It lasts for years, saving you unnecessary expenses!
  • No Oiling!
  • Don't wash with water for cleaning; use compressed air.
  • Don't hit the filter on any surface. It will Damage the components in the filter
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Made by R2C Performance
  • Made in the USA
Air Filter Shape Tapered Conical
Air Filter Color Cream
Flange Inside Diameter 4.5 in
Base Outside Diameter 5.5 in
Top Outside Diameter 5 in
Height 10 in
Flange length 1 in
Package Quantity 1
Washable Yes
Warranty No-Hassle Lifetime Limited
Product Style Universal Cone Filter
Air Filter Material Non-woven Synthetic