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Bardahl Engine Flush
Bardahl Engine Flush

Bardahl Engine Flush

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Bardahl Engine Flush is a highly concentrated mixture of special solvents, oils and the famous polar attraction formula.

Volume :300ml

Features and Benefits

  • It cleans the engine of existing deposits and prevents the formation of new deposits.
  • Bardahl Engine Flush loosens stuck valves, valve guides and piston rings while driving.
  • It cleans the engine internally and thereby restores power.

Usage Advice

  • Pour a can (300 ml.) into the crankcase oil (max. 4.5 litres) (stationary) operating warm engine.
  • Attention: do not let the oil level rise above the maximum level.
  • Start the engine at idle for about 30 minutes (at operating temperature).
  • Another option is to drive a maximum of 50 kilometres.
  • Important: Choose one of the two options, not both!
  • Then change oil and oil filter.
  • This method ensures that valves that remain stuck and compression springs come loose again.